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Ramona Farms Tepary Beans

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Among our favorite products from Tribal and Native producers across the nation are the Tepary Beans from Ramona Farms. This ancient superfood of the Sonoran Desert has sustained the O'odham people for centuries. 

These beans were selected from the wild species growing in the Sonoran Desert and cultivated for at least a thousand years by the Natives of the Sonoran desert, the Akimel O’odham and Tohono O’odham, who continue to grow them on their reservation lands with summer rainfall in arroyos and limited irrigation along the Gila River. The Tepary bean is believed to be the world’s most drought tolerant bean, and higher in fiber and protein than most other beans with a low glycemic index and superior taste. We have black, brown or white beans available, and each has their own unique properties.

White Tepary Bean/ Stotah Bavi: Highly acclaimed for it's nutritional value the Stotoah Bavi (white tepary bean) is noted for its unique and delicious naturally sweet yet savory flavor and creamy texture.

Brown Tepary Bean/ S-OAM Bavi: Savory and slightly nutty in flavor. The brown tepary retains its shape and firmness, yet it tender and makes a thin gravy, making it a perfect ingredient for soups, stews, dips and spreads. It also makes a great addition to salads.

Black Tepary Bean/ S-CHUUK Bavi: Highly nutritious, the black tepary's firm texture and subtly, rich flavor works well in many recipes.

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