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Sakari Farms Smoked Salt

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Add a taste of the land and sea with smoked sea salts from Sakari Farms. All of Sakari Farms' incredible salts are created on their farm in Tumalo, Oregon. We have two of their salts available for you to choose from:

  • Smoked Cedar Salt: a blend of hardwood smoked Sea Salt and locally foraged Incense Cedar leaves creating a delicious and versatile finishing or marinating salt. This salt is well suited to fish and meat because of the cedar which is a traditional Native American seasoning.

  • Smoked Pinion Pine Salt: a blend of hardwood smoked Sea Salt and Pinon Pine Needles from Northern Ute Lands creating a beautiful culinary salt. This salt can be used in baking, sweets, ice creams, brines and on all meats and cheeses.

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