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Sakari Farms Tea

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Take some time to steep yourself a cup of tea from Sakari Farms. All of the ingredients in Sakari Farms' beautiful teas are grown on their farm in Tumalo, Oregon. We have three teas available for you to choose from:

  • Blueberry Tea, as stunning to look at as it is to drink.
    Benefits: Blueberries-antioxidant rich and sweet. Jasmine Flowers-high in polyphenols. Wild Rose Petals- astringent for the digestive tract. Bachelor Buttons-helpful in aiding headaches as well as stomach aches. 
    Ingredients: Blueberries, jasmine flowers, wild rose petals, bachelor buttons.

  • Healing Tea is a deliciously sweet tea.
    Benefits- Clover-nutritive and grounding, full of isoflavones. Chamomile- calming to nervous and digestive systems. Elderberry-immunity support.
    Ingredients: Locally grown Chamomile and Red Clover with wildcrafted Elderberries.

  • Midnight Tea is an excellent tea for winding down at night
    Benefits: Wild Rose Petals- astringent for the digestive tract.  Lavender-good for inflammation in the digestive tract as well as calming aromatics. Peppermint-soothing for upset stomachs and indigestion.

    Ingredients: Locally grown Peppermint, Lavender and Wild Rose Petals. 

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